Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2009.. wow.. it's here

Hi there friends...
Once again it's taken my awhile to write on my blog.. the end of 2008 was quite busy - busier than I thought it was going to be. I had the privilege of running a shine group at the Mount Intermediate, and got to work with some awesome girls. I was involved with christmas eve services at church, and that was really fun. In october I moved house, and am still kind of living there - apart from that I am not there for about a month as Im away on a break.

Christmas and new years has been quiet, but nice. I've been having some good rest which has been a blessing. I'm currently in Taupo with my parents. Tomorrow I drive to wellington, then fly to Auckland and head up to Snells beach for a week to take part in Compass - a conference run by Maxim Institute. I'm looking forward to this - it will awesome to be on the receiving end of teaching... 08 was  a year of giving out a lot - so will be good to have some inspirational, challenging input. 

After that I head back to Wellington to prepare for the Aglow leadership summit. This will be a great weekend of setting vision for the year. 

In february I will be doing a weeks course called "Father heart" - its in Taupo so thats pretty cool. There are afew other things set in place for the year - so thats good to.
I've been working on some songs to hopefully record this year... its time to do it... and stop procrastinating with this dream.

I hope that the start of 09 has been a good one for you.. and this year you will be blessed, encouraged.. and inspired. I did an update on the aglow generations website - with hopefully an encouraging work - so if you feel inspired pop by and have a read.

time for a nap.... yay for holidays  

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the last 4 months

Well.. hello people. It has been  a LONG time since I last wrote on this blog. So today is the day for the update. Lots has been happening in the last 4 months. A quick over view of what i've been up to 
- Trip to Singapore
- Trip to  Chennai, India, wow, this was amazing. Being with Colleen Redit at Christian Missions Charitable trust, then being  at the Global Consultation for Children in prayer.
- Trip to Perth, Australia for the Australian National Aglow Convention. I got to meet Evangeline Weiner - Generations project co-ordinator for International.
- Christchurch Aglow Trip
- Palmerston North Aglow training day
- Queenstown Trip - leading worship at Christian Camping Conference and time to enjoy Gods beautiful Creation.   I even got a free helicopter ride.. very cool.
- Lower South Island Aglow trip - Gore, Dunedin, Invercargil, Alexandra... and the roads in between. 
- Work at Aglow office in Wellington 
- Auckland Aglow Training Day
- Have just been back to Christchurch for the Generations camp .. an awesome weekend, and day after the camp to see the phenominal things God is doing through ordinary people.

Have had my 28th birthday, and afew other birthdays and a wedding to go to, also the normal ordinary things of life.... house work- gardening- walking on the beach.. and trying to keep up with awesome friends. Its been a challenge with all the travel spend time with friends etc... but thankfully God has a way of letting you pick up where you left off..

My parents had a big move.. living at Lake Taupo Christian camp for 22 years.. and now they have left. This was a huge part of our lives. Its cool to see that there are new things ahead, yay.

Im in Wellington today, having  a bit of a restful day, and catching up on myself... 
I hope life is well with you.. 
I will attempt to keep this more updated.

blessings.. katie

Saturday, June 28, 2008

World outreach Forum..Singapore

Hello friends,
Well its been an awesome week here in Singapore. We have only got 12 or so more hours here -and most of that will be sleeping. We are heading to Chennai, India tomorrow morning at 8.30am.   This week has been really busy. The last four days we have been at Youth Forum with World Outreach, discussing mobilizing youth into mission. There was about 12 of us from different nations, some involved as missionaries from World Outreach and afew others of us from different Christian Mission Organisations. We have come up with ALOT of ideas, and thought through processes of implementation. It will be exciting to see how things unfold from this forum and how God uses it. I have personally found it very beneficial for the ministry I am doing back home with Aglow and setting up the generations project. I think its great to network and gain wisdom from others.  I have loved meeting new people, and hearing stories of what God is doing in the nations. WOW... I hope to keep in touch with many from this forum, and also others we have met.  
We would appreciate your prayer for the next phase of the mission as we head to India - for protection - physically and spiritually, and for the Lord to really fulfil HIS purpose for this trip. Will write again soon... when we are in India.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4th day in Singapore!!

Hey ... well  we have been here for 3 days now. and its been a full on 3 days. We have spent time with Adrian- our friend who lives here, who came to work at Camp afew years back. He took us around the city - by foot, we must have done nearly 7kms. Lim( a new friend) blessed us yesterday by taking us out for breakfast, then introducing us to his family. He took us to the Zoo as well which was definitely a bonus. Lim also introduced us to Pastor Roy from Cambodia.Him and his family do an amazing work their reaching out to Vietnamese people! What a priviledge to be able to meet him. We went to Community of Praise Baptist Church on Sunday, and last night Dad and I went to Gospel Light Christian Church Bible Study. I got to meet some really lovely ladies, and Dad got to meet some awesome men. The message last night was on Genesis 22 - it was so great to be able to be there, and receive encouragement from the Word of God, and connect with people on a deep level. 
Today we start the World Outreach Forum... so we are just getting ready to go to that. We are praying that God will very much lead us as we head into the next few days!
I better go and get some breakfast..... write more soon!!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Singapore...we are here

Hello...Well we have made it safely to Singapore. The flight was ok... quite bumpy, but I have to say that I'm impressed with Singapore Airlines- they even give us Chips, and chocolate - definitely suited our movie watching, chilling out - kiwi type of fun. I was trying to not watch any movies but I have to be honest and let you know that I gave in - the flight was 10.5 hours so we had to try and make the time go faster. I watched 27 dresses, and step it up 2. 
We got into Singapore at around 7.30pm. David Elliot from world outreach met us at airport and took us on the MRT( subway train)- for about an hour... Dad was slowly fading- poor thing.. but he managed to get off the train and into the taxi ok... and also pay for it all - as we didnt have much singapore dollars - yay for DADS.... We got to our accomodation at about 9.30pm. Dad is on basement level, and we are on level 3. We are staying at the Salvation Army Praisehaven Retreat centre. Its different to what I thought. It kinda feels like a hostel... The church is part of the complex, and heaps of other stuff..
Its just after 6am... we woke not long ago... and its RAINING, and thunder and Lighting - we are doing some thinking about how to get around today as its VERY WET. I'm sure some miracles will  take place and we will be FINE.
The verse that i'm reminded of this morning is Psalm 29.. Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name, worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness.The voice of the Lord is over the waters, the GOD OF glory thunders, the LORD thunders over the mighty waters. WE DO SERVE A POWERFUL AND MIGHTY GOD. What a privilege to worship him today in another nation and see his handy work through the rain and thunder and lightning and of course the beautiful people we are meeting.
Will write again soon..... love katie

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

last two weeks, and coming two weeks....

Well what an interesting few weeks its been! I had the privilege of being in Wellington last week.. I was down at the Aglow Office - which is always a blessing. I love the ladies of AGLOW.
I also got to Catch up with my sister and brother in law- Anna and Mike.. and their precious children- Rachel, Joseph and Daniel. I'm so glad I got to spend some time with them - even though it was short.
This week has been quite different. I experienced witnessing a fatal accident on Sunday night after church and that was not a nice experience at all. Finding out more about the victims and their precious families has been good. I can imagine it must be a VERY hard time for all the families and friends involved. I am praying for them, that God would be very near, and do miracles. 
This weekend my Dad, and my good friend Alicia Kant and I are flying to Singapore and then onto India. We will be in Singapore from the 21- 29th June, and then go to Chennai, India - we return back to New Zealand on the 8th of July.  We are attending two different Conferences, and taking part in these. We are believing that both of these gatherings will be awesome God filled, God honoring, Kingdom building , encouraging times.  Your prayer will be much appreciated.
I will be writing updates on this blog, so keep checking up to see photos, and hear stories.
Have a blessed Weekend.
katie davies

Thursday, June 5, 2008

hello people...
Well i just thought id write a wee update . The next few months are gearing up to be rather busy ones.. with quite a lot of travel - singapore/india/australia/south island. I am enjoying a quieter week - preparing for the up and coming travels. I love how God knows exactly what we need in every season of life that we are in.. so I'm thankful this week for the fact that I've been allowed to rest a little. 
Last week I was in Wellington, and then Auckland. I was doing work with Aglow.. and it was awesome. 6 precious girls gave their lives to Jesus and this has to be the highlight of my year so far. I know that something new is happening in Aglow.. and it really excites me. I'm excited about the destiny, the purpose, the plan that God has for this generation. It's such a privilege to see first hand God opening peoples eyes to who HE is and the Love HE has for them... wow... words can't really explain it.
Be blessed this week....
love, katie